Thinking of Volunteering?

We would love for you to join our volunteer community. There are so many ways you can get involved in advocating for community cats!

We are looking for volunteers who can help in any capacity. When you become a volunteer, we will offer live or virtual training for the tasks you are planning or willing to assist with. Complete our Volunteer Form to let us know you are interested, and to be added to our email list!

Volunteer Roles


Function: These volunteers work closely with us to trap cats in priority areas. They often work with veterinary clinics, too, transporting cats to and from clinic appointments.

Responsibilities: Trap community cats. Often, the same volunteers who trap the cats will transport them to and from clinic appointments, house them before and after surgery, and, finally, return the cats to their trapping locations if they cannot be socialized. 


Function: These volunteers work closely with us (or appropriate shelter staff) to pick up community cats from the shelter and return them to the exact location where they were trapped. These volunteers may also transport cats to and from clinic appointments, as needed.

Responsibilities: Transport community cats and safely return them to their original location. These volunteers may also help to identify additional community cats in the vicinity of the return site by canvassing the neighborhood and talking with residents (documenting and sharing information with staff).

Community engager and mediator

Function: These volunteers gather support for, and address opposition to, community cat management at a community, neighborhood and resident level. 

Responsibilities: Inform residents about our organization, local laws and ordinances relevant to community cats and the use of humane deterrents. Also, resolve cat-related complaints among neighbors, whether on the phone, by email or in person. 

Social media coordinator and content developer

Function: These volunteers promote our organization on social media and other digital means. Social media allows us to engage a more targeted population interested in helping community cats, and it is a huge part of extending our organization's reach.

Responsibilities: Create and develop content about TNR, community cat welfare, cat merchandise, and foster cats on social media, including Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Nextdoor, and/or Twitter. Tasks may also include writing and promoting stories to garner donations for specific cats, foster care supplies, or other initiatives. Creative cat promotion, special edition posts for holidays, and virtual live-streaming events may also be part of volunteer tasks. 

Community cats ambassador and neighborhood canvasser

Function: These volunteers gather support for our organization (and spay/neuter in general) at a community, neighborhood and resident level. 

Responsibilities: Distribute engagement materials door-to-door, speak to residents about the importance of spaying or neutering community cats (and residents’ pets), provide referrals for low-and no-cost spay/neuter resources available for cats, and compile a detailed list of caregivers and complainants to share with staff.

Miscellaneous tasks